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Not only can you create incredible designs with aircraft wrapping, you can also reduce weight.

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How can I customise my light aircraft?

The options are endless when you consider the full scope of airplane restyling, from the aircraft wraps to the interior wrapping and window films, in a matter of hours it can feel like a different plane all together without the downtime or cost of painting or refurbishing the whole interior. When considering the services from the automotive customisation industry, such as wraps, paint protection and window tinting, it is also important to understand they come with benefits other than just cosmetic changes and these can extend the time between refurbishments or updates and can also help to retain an aircrafts value.

If you wish to find out more about additional plane customisation services, follow the links below.

Can you wrap a plane? Of Course.

It can be difficult to understand the benefits of wrapping a plane and to know what can and cannot be achieved by using aviation quality vinyl on your light aircraft or jet. We explore some of the benefits and processes below.

The overall process of wrapping an aircraft is not too different from wrapping a car or a boat, as long as the surfaces are clean, smooth and free from surface damage, a vinyl wrap can be applied and will last a long time.

Low Cost

The price of aircraft wraps compared to that of a respray or paint job is considerably different, with a wrap costing a fraction of the price. Quality vinyl and skilled wrappers are extremely affordable in comparison.

Fast Installation

You will experience minimal downtime of the aircraft with minimal disruption to the flight schedule, with both interior and exterior wraps only requiring a few days with no curing or drying time being required before the next flight.

Easy Maintenance

Sections of vinyl can be replaced if damaged without requiring too much maintenance and general upkeep of the vinyl is no different to the existing surfaces of the aircraft, although specialist finishes can also be used to extend the life of the film and to give the best finish or protection.

Fully Reversible

Want to change back from the wrap or only needed something temporary, such as branding or an advertising campaign? No problem, vinyl films can be removed with ease and will reveal the surfaces below in the same condition as the day it was wrapped, having protected against the elements the whole time.

Long Lasting

Your jet requires the best, most skillful wrappers using the market leading vinyl films in order to not only look quality but last a long period of time without the need for repairs, updates or being removed. Aviation vinyl wraps are more than capable of having a long life span.

Easy Preparation

Most aircraft have flawless bodywork, meaning a simple surface treatment will suffice before the wrap is applied, speeding up the process and ensuring effective bonding between the film and the existing paintwork.

Light Weight

Amazingly vinyl is considerably lighter than the types of paints, sub coats and primers used in aircraft painting, meaning a completely colour change or graphics install will prevent additional weight being added to the plane.


The beautiful thing about vinyl wrapping is how many options there are available to achieve a style and look that you want, with films cut or printed in almost any design you require with limited effect on time or project cost.

Interior Plane Wrap

Plane interiors can be customised in ways that have never been possible before, much like the kitchen wrapping revolution, smooth surfaces are prime for stunning new finishes from an unlimited selection of finishes and colours. No need to go through a full, costly refurbishment and sacrifice finishes for weight, with vinyl providing visual solutions to any finish you can dream up.

Aircraft Interior Wraps
Plane paint protection

Plane Surface Protection

The automotive industry has been leading the way in paint protection technology and surface sealants than build up clear barrier between your valuable surfaces and the extremities of altitude, friction and UV rays, with many now completely suitable for the use in aircraft detailing. The most effective coatings are ceramic based and can be applied by approved and skilled technicians. Many leading vehicle detailers are willing to travel to carry out their work, meaning you are not limited purely on the location of your planes.

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