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A Pearl wrap is a beautiful finish, often seen on some of the worlds most expensive vehicles

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Pearlescent wraps are a stunning example of how different a vehicle can look without an expensive paint job. Pearl wraps are primarily white as a base colour, with different options of accompanying colours such as purple, blue and green. Get an idea of costs for a wrap on your own car before requesting a professional quote through 3Dom Wraps with the best wrappers in your local area.

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Pearlescent Vinyl Car Wrapping

To get a true understanding of how special a pearlescent wrap can be, it needs to be seen in a 3D environment to see what happens when light passes over the material. Use our unique 3D wrap visualisation app to try it out before you request a quote with local wrappers.

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Full Pearl Wrap

Pearlescent wraps are at the premium end of the vinyl film market, with a higher price tag to a standard gloss or matte finish material. Often seen on high end vehicles, a pearl finish looks like a very expensive paint job and certainly looks different to any standard paint offering from car manufacturers. A full wrap in white pearl is a favourite for many, with purples, blues & greens coming through from the white in different lighting situations, it really catches the eye. Getting a full wrap comes with the added advantage that the original paintwork below is protected from the elements and will look as good as the day it was wrapped once the film is removed.

Pearlescent Bonnet Wraps

The pearl effect comes with a few options of accompanying colours, bringing through subtle changes for different lighting environments. Primarily white, a bonnet wrap in pearl would ideally suit a white gloss or metallic car or it could be used on a dark vehicle to really stand out and separate the body panel from the rest of the car. The bonnet is the ideal location for the pearl effect to be seen to the best of its qualities, while protecting what is a vulnerable area on any vehicle.

Pearlescent Roof Wrapping

Wrapping your roof in a pearl vinyl film will no doubt bring some unique style to the car. As with bonnet wraps, or any body panel wrapping in pearlescent, the existing colour of the car is likely to be the most important consideration. The roof of a vehicle is exposed to the elements more than most areas of the car, so not only is it a good style option, it is also a valuable addition in the protection of the paintwork as well.

Pearl Wing Mirror Vinyl Wrap

This is a really nice customisation option that can suit more colours and car styles than wrapping bigger body panels in pearlescent vinyl. Wing mirrors offer a subtle change in how the car looks, but with a fairly big impact. They are affordable to wrap, with time and material costs less than bigger parts of the car. Using a pearl vinyl on your wing mirrors can work well with a white car or add a great contrast to dark cars like black and greys and they really work well with matte wraps and matte metallic vinyls.

Pearlescent partial wrap combinations

Pearlescent wraps can be used in combination with other finishes, wraps and colours with great results. We have had a play around with a few variations below. Don’t forget to look at the other car customisation services available through 3Dom Wraps before requesting professional quotes with our directory of skilled service providers.

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Pearl wrap care products

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