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Looking to improve the look and feel of your car without having to pain it? Then a full car wrap might be just what you were looking for. Not only does using a vinyl wrap give you far more protection than a typical paint job, it’s also a much more artisan finish – the end result always looks far more impressive in a full car wrap rather than a typical paint job.

A full car wrap is the most advanced type of vinyl wrap available. The whole vehicle will be wrapped, with options to wrap the inside of doors, the boot and under the bonnet as additional extras.

A full wrap can be used as a complete colour change, adding a textured finish, a clear protection film or even an advanced finish like pearlescent or matte metallic.

Typically, full car wraps suit those who are looking to really jazz up their vehicle and make it look completely different. If the old look has grown tired to you and feels like it needs a bit of a revamp, then you should consider making the swap using a car wrap. Not only does it make your car more secure, more stylish and add years on to its look, it also lets you get that feeling of a brand new car – it will look totally different!


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Wrap Types

Car wrapping has a huge array of material finishes and colours to choose from, take a look at our examples in more detail below.

Matte Vinyl Wraps

Matte Wraps

Gloss Vinyl Wraps

Gloss Wraps

Matte Metallic Vinyl Wraps

Matte Metallic Wraps

Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wraps

Carbon Fibre Wraps

Chrome Vinyl Wraps

Chrome Wraps

Reflective Vinyl Wraps

Reflective Wraps

Metallic Vinyl Wraps

Metallic Wraps

Textured Vinyl Wraps

Textured Wraps

Metal Vinyl Wraps

Brushed Metal

Aluminium Vinyl Wraps

Brushed Aluminium

Frosted Vinyl Wraps

Frosted Wraps

Fluorescent Vinyl Wraps

Fluorescent Wraps

Camouflage Vinyl Wraps

Camo Wraps

Transparent Vinyl Wraps

Clear Wraps

Iridescent Vinyl Wraps

Iridescent Wraps

Pearl Vinyl Wraps


Velvet Vinyl Wraps

Velvet Wraps

Colour Change Vinyl Wraps

Colour change

Full Wraps

Paint Protection Kits

Pro vinyl paint protection ferrari bonnet Pro vinyl paint protection front wing

Paint protection kits are a totally clear and invisible way of protecting your car bodywork from general wear and tear, stone chips and minor abrasions. Get a quote from your local accredited 3M VentureShield installers.

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Car Detailing

Car detailing is a high end service for high end vehicles and car enthusiasts. The ultimate in car care, with body part removal and cleaning, paint correction services, paint protection waxing and conditioning and interior detail cleaning and maintenance.

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Car Wrapping - Full Wraps

For those who want to go the full distance in terms of changing up your vehicle, this is for you. Full car wraps are the most expensive car wrapping option and can take days to complete depending on the material used and the vehicle being wrapped. It is essential to use the most skilled installers for your full wrap. Full car wraps can be used to:

  • Completely change the whole look and style of your vehicle – the difference is night and day.
  • Convert your car to a completely different colour, without all of the long delays that can hold back getting your car in shape as well as the extreme costs.
  • Be unique and take your car to a new level with a textured material.
  • Protect the vehicle body paintwork and help hold the resale value of your vehicle.


  • A complete colour change can add many years of life into your car – it lets you totally relive the experience through what will feel like a new car.
  • A full vehicle wrap allows you to be creative and customise per body panel – you don’t need to be generic, you can be as outlandish as you like.
  • Your vehicle is a moving billboard and a full wrap can be used to market your business. This makes it much easier to start producing on the move marketing and getting your name across town.
  • The most effective way of protecting the car paintwork because it offers another layer of protection for the car, rather than just the paint.
  • The most affordable way of changing the colour of your car.
  • You aren’t stuck with the decision – if you don’ like the change it can be removed with ease. With a paint job, you’d need to spray the thing all other again.
  • No need to change insurance as it does not count as an additional spoiler or addition.
  • Damage to body panels can be fixed easily and quickly without the massive expense it usually takes to fix a damaged car
  • Most vinyl wrap suppliers offer a warranty on a full car wrap – if it gets damaged whilst you are out and about, you can get a total free of charge!
  • If used for business and marketing purposes, the change can be tax deductible.


There are little to no cons when considering a full car wrap - and any of those are also true with new paintwork. Below are the ones we can think of:

  •   A costly upfront investment – although it pays for itself over time, you will need to pay a fair bit  upfront to get it all finished.
  •   Body panels may need to be re-wrapped after accidents, which can add a bit more onto the cost of any incident.
  •   General wear and tear will occur similar to paintwork, but your paint will be protected below.

Full vehicle wraps look as good as a new paint job, with the added advantage of some amazing material finishes and textures. In our gallery below we have gathered a selection of great full car wraps on a collection of great vehicles to show off why you need a full wrap and further down we discuss them in more detail.

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