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Colour shift & colour flip wraps are stunning, with new products being released all the time, there are few limitations

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Iridescent Vinyl Car Wrapping

Scaling through purples oranges, blue and greens as you drive past is something that people really pay attention to. Iridescent vinyl wraps offer you the chance to have a range of colours faded into each other when viewed from different angles. If you’ve never seen an iridescent wrap in person, try our 3D app to see the amazing qualities of these materials.

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When changing the colour of you car, you should notify the DVLA of the changes.

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Iridescent Full Wrap

Iridescent wraps over the full body of a vehicle looks like nothing you get from the local dealership. These wraps have a unique feel to them, making your car a one of a kind. Also known as colour shift wraps and colour flip wraps, iridescent comes with a price tag to suit the incredible style it brings with it. As you walk around a car with this wrap, the colours shift and dance, a dynamic finish.

Iridescent Wing Mirror Vinyl Wrap

Wrapping your wing mirrors in iridescent film can do wonders for the style of your car, especially if you get the ideal colour to complement the rest of the bodywork. Wing mirrors are out on show, with lots of opportunity for the colour shift effect to work its magic. Quick and affordable, wing mirror wraps are a great way to enter into the wrapping customisation scene.

Iridescent Roof Wrapping

A roof wrap in iridescent may not be the best styling option for the type of material being used. To get the best of colour shift film and colour flip wraps, movement of light across the surface is essential. This allows the colour to visually change with movement and being on the roof, this may be limited. Iridescent body panel wrapping is not popular as it really needs to be the right combination of colours and finishes.

Iridescent Bonnet Wraps

An iridescent bonnet wrap would certainly stand out, especially if it was not a complimentary colour to the rest of the vehicle. To get the right look on a bonnet, it would need to be a subtle addition, maybe contain a similar colour to the rest of the bodywork. A pearlescent finish on the rest of the car maybe be best suited for iridescent panel wraps.

Iridescent partial wrap combinations

Mixing and matching partial wraps using iridescent films can be quite stylish, but certainly not easy to get right so we have tried a few out. We also have a network of automotive service providers across the world to customise all areas of your car. Get a quote from your local professionals today.

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Iridescent wrap care products

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We explore one of the most advanced vinyl films on the market along with a whole host of other car wrap options. Car customisation has endless possibilities with the only limitation your own imagination.

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