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A car bonnet wrap is a unique way of changing the style of your car at an affordable cost. A bonnet wrap, on average, costs between £120 – £250 depending on the material and finish of the vinyl being used. More...

Car wrapping is a vehicle modification technique that is growing in popularity and becoming more affordable, whilst improving all the time with the addition of stunning new materials from the likes of 3M. The advantages of a bonnet wrap are improve the look and style of your car, add contrast to your car with a lighter or darker finish, add texture to your vehicle with the likes of Carbon Fibre and protect the paintwork of your car whilst adding a unique style.
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Bonnet Vinyl Wrapping

In order to pick the right colour and finish for your bonnet wrap, it makes sense to try and fully understand what is available from the best vinyl manufacturers. Try out our 3D material visualisation app to find colours and vinyls that best suit your needs before getting quotes through 3Dom Wraps from your local suppliers.

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3D Customisation

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Gloss Bonnet Wraps

Bonnet wraps are an awesome way of bringing a new style to your car, quickly and affordably and gloss bonnet wraps are ideal in that they will match the rest of your car bodywork (unless you already have it wrapped in something different). Like roof wraps, it usually makes sense to pick a finish and colour that will contrast nicely with the rest of the car, black gloss bonnet on a white car etc The bonnet is also susceptible to stone chips and light damage, which the vinyl will help to protect against.

DIY Wraps

If you are only looking for small wrapping customisations on your car, be that interior or small external fixtures, then why not purchase some vinyl in your chosen finish and apply yourself. You can check out our online guides in our blog and purchase the vinyl from our online store.

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Clear Vinyl - Paint Protection Film

You may want to protect various surfaces of your car, be that interior trim, external paintwork or chrome features, without having to alter the appearance or colour. PPF is a great product that will look 100% the same, whilst protecting the surface.

Car Paint Protection

Matte Vinyl Bonnet Wraps

Matte vinyl is the go to material when you want to bring a bit of aggression or stealth to a vehicle, especially in the darker colours where the lack of reflection is far more noticeable. Bonnet wraps in matte film look great from the front and visually lower and almost alter the physical appearance of the car.

Carbon Fibre Bonnet Wraps

Carbon is considered the leading material in the automotive industry and if we are lucky enough to have it on our car, it means we are likely driving something incredible and not your run of the mill motor. But what if we love the look of carbon fibre but we have no need (or money) for the ultra strong and light properties of the material? Simple answer is to get a carbon fibre wrap and use it somewhere perfect, like your car bonnet!

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Pearlescent Bonnet Wrapping

If you get to spend much time in some of the worlds biggest cities, you are likely to have seen a pearlescent supercar drive past at some point and it really is a stunning finish. Many will be painted, a highly expensive customisation, but some will be pearlescent wraps, meaning anyone can actually get the same effect at a fraction of the cost. The materials are still quite expensive, so bonnet wraps are a great way to bring the style to your car without going for a full wrap.

Why get a bonnet wrap, pros & cons

Bonnet wraps are a simple and effective method of transforming the style of your car.

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Car bonnet wraps will help with:

  • Avoiding the need to change your insurance
  • Add years of longevity onto your car bonnet
  • Simple to move, change, modify or repair in any way
  • Cost-effective – far cheaper than using traditional paints
  • Easy to make sponsorship designs or logos for your business – market yourself properly!
  • Improving the overall look and feel of your car – it can feel like something entirely different
  • Create a nice contrast with other sections of the car if you decide to go with a different colour scheme on the bonnet wrap
  • Using different textures you can vary up the style of your vehicle compared to many of its counterparts on the road
  • Protect your vehicles paintwork without having to shell out for an expensive coat every now and then

We have a selection of examples below, featuring a range of vehicles and vinyl materials using bonnet wraps.

Carbon Fibre bonnet wrap

Matte bonnet wrap

Metallic bonnet wrap

Gloss bonnet wrap

Things To Consider

  • Of course, everything isn’t always plain sailing when dealing with a vehicle. If you want to make sure that you get things just right, then you should consider the following;
  • Do you have the upfront costs at hand to change car bonnet wraps? If so, it’s definitely worth doing for more than aesthetic value
  • However, replacing the wrap can become a common issue if you are a flamboyant driver. Regularly take your car for a spin and come back with a few bumps? Then this might not be for you!

Having been growing quite steadily for the last three years, and become a far more affordable process at the same time, car bonnet wraps are now the preferred choice of many vehicle owners who want to change things up on a budget, but there are some things to consider.


  • Brand new style to your car.
  • Add a personal touch to your vehicle.
  • Use to market your business.
  • Protection of the paintwork, help your car hold its resale value.
  • Cheaper than painting.
  • Totally reversible, all body panels stay the same paint finish.
  • No need to change insurance.
  • Easy to remove and repair.
  • Will last years if looked after.
  • Painting individual body panels can reduce the resale value of the car.


There are few cons when you wish to wrap your car bonnet and all also apply when getting a new paint job, but these may be:

  •   The upfront costs of a bonnet wrap.
  •   Replacing the wrap after an accident.
  •   General wear and tear and minor abrasions.

If you do want a car that looks brilliant, is well protected, and didn’t cost you a huge amount to install then this is the option for you. Get in touch for more information if you are considering making the change to a car bonnet wrap.

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Explore matte wraps & vinyl wrapping

Before you get a wrap it is a good idea to learn about the process and the materials and once you have a wrap, it makes sense to learn how to look after it. Our extensive blog resources are there to help wrap customers get the best out of their product.

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