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A roof wrap will visually lower your vehicle, especially when using a gloss black vinyl on a light coloured car

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Are you a fan of the design and style of a full body wrap, but not quite sure if you want the colour change happening everywhere? Then you should consider using roof wraps instead. Roof wraps change a specific part of your vehicle without going over the top, and helps to ensure that you have a classy change that will definitely get heads turning. It’s a simple way to change the style of your vehicle without breaking the bank, making it a useful solution for anyone who wants to improve the look and feel of their car.

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Roof Vinyl Wrapping

When considering a roof wrap, try to seriously consider how it will compliment the rest of the car for both colour and material finish. Getting it right will result in a fantastic styling upgrade. Take a look through the various materials and colours that are available with our 3D material viewer.

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3D Customisation

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Gloss Roof Wraps

Choosing a gloss vinyl for your roof wrap is certainly the easiest option. The material will suit your existing paintwork and it will simply need a contrasting colour compared to the paint in order to really do its job. Dark roof wraps on lighter vehicles often work best. The vinyl will protect the paintwork, leaving you with perfect bodywork when removed.

DIY Wraps

If you are only looking for small wrapping customisations on your car, be that interior or small external fixtures, then why not purchase some vinyl in your chosen finish and apply yourself. You can check out our online guides in our blog and purchase the vinyl from our online store.

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Clear Vinyl - Paint Protection Film

You may want to protect various surfaces of your car, be that interior trim, external paintwork or chrome features, without having to alter the appearance or colour. PPF is a great product that will look 100% the same, whilst protecting the surface.

Car Paint Protection

Matte Vinyl Roof Wrap

Matte vinyl is not as extreme as it may seem when it is combined with other materials such as gloss and satin finishes. Putting a matte material on your roof is one of the perfect uses for it. Being exposed to all lighting at all times, it will be instantly noticeable that your roof is not reflecting as much as the rest of the car. This will make the car appear differently and often lowers the overall look.

Carbon Fibre Roof Wraps

Carbon fibre brings something special to any car. It is so often associated with super and hyper cars, most of us can only imagine having carbon parts on our car. Using vinyl film is the perfect alternative, giving all of the style with less of the cost (and none of the weight saving potential). Carbon works best as an accent, a subtle hint to something beautiful on your car. A roof wrap is a large surface of any vehicle and carbon really does look great up there.

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Pearlescent Roof Wrapping

With the roof of your car seeing so much light and being viewed from various angles, pearlescent film offers a unique option for a roof wrap. On a dark car or an existing white car, a pearl roof will bring a bit of bling to the road. The film will also protect your paintwork, so your roof will be well protected from the elements.

Pros & Cons of a roof wrap

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  • Using colour and contrast to alter the visual design of the vehicle, ensuring that it looks very different to many of your contemporaries out there on the road.
  • Be creative with your own personalisation – let your car express who you are as a person, rather than following basic designs that you had to pick from when buying the car originally.
  • Use as advertising space for your business. With this easy addition, you can people stopping by to see what the top of your car has to say – this can be a solid way to start getting advertisement for your business.
  • Complement the style of your vehicle whilst adding a unique and interesting style of artwork to the vehicle.
  • An affordable alternative to new car paintwork – much easier to do, quicker to apply and cost-effective. Only full body wraps can be even comparable in price and even then it’s quite a way off!
  • Can be reversed at any time, unlike a traditional paint job which will cost you even more to replace – you can just take the wrap off at any time.
  • Will not affect your insurance.
  • Remove and repair with ease and simple preparation – should any pianos fall through the top of your car, you’ll be able to get a simply and cheap replacement for the roof at least!
  • Lasts many years when well treated – take good care of your design and it can last for well up to a decade.
  • No need to paint different body parts in different colours, reducing the value of the vehicle. If you want to add a contrast without hampering the value of your car you can use this as a simple, effective solution instead.


Wrapping the roof of your vehicle has very few downsides, especially when compared to painting. Below are the only cons we can think of:

  •   Payment of the roof wrap can be a bit steep for a simple adjustment, depending on the value and style of what you get put on there.
  •   Having to replace the wrap following a bad vehicle accident.
  •   There may be general wear and tear similar to that found on paint work.

This makes the choice a fairly easy one for anyone who is thinking that their car is in desperate need of a change in style! Many use a roof wrap to add a dark colour and contrast the roof to the existing body work or even to add a pattern like a union jack on a mini.

We have explored some roof wrap combinations with other wraps below.

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Roof wrap care products

Explore matte wraps & vinyl wrapping

Before you get a wrap it is a good idea to learn about the process and the materials and once you have a wrap, it makes sense to learn how to look after it. Our extensive blog resources are there to help wrap customers get the best out of their product.

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