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The ultimate ‘mean’ looking car wrap. A matte finish takes your car to the next level with matte black one of the leading wraps on the market

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If you are looking for matte wraps for cars, bikes or vans, then this is the place to explore the materials, find out guide prices and get quotes for matte wrapping services in your area.

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Matte Vinyl Car Wrapping

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Full Matte Wrap

A full car wrap in a matte vinyl will completely change the styling of your vehicle. Matte materials do not reflect as much light, whether they are black, red, blue or even white, meaning the light disperses across the bodywork surface and creates softer highlights. That almost sounds technical! It’s a style that is growing in popularity and one that suits the high end and super car segment of the market. Matte wrap prices are usually reasonable from the leading manufacturers so you can often get a premium finish without the premium price. Cost always depend on who wraps it, where you are based and what materials are used.

Matte Bonnet Wraps

Block colours on bodywork panels can give a vehicle various different looks. Bonnet wraps will often give an aggressive style, certainly to those peering in their rear view mirror…Wrapping panels also gives you the opportunity to add some colour in to work with your existing bodywork and with a matte bonnet wrap, you can also add the contrast between reflections and those soft highlights.

Matte Roof Wrapping

Matte roof wraps are being used to give a sleek style to vehicles, especially larger 4×4’s. It is a way of breaking up the large surface areas, but also lowering the overall look of an otherwise tall car. The same effect can be had on any car, with saloons becoming more like a coupe and a coupe becoming more like a sports car, it’s a conscious car styling decision and the matte vinyl finish makes it…well cool. Look at it. As with most things, matte black is the killer finish to go for.

Matte Wing Mirror Vinyl Wrap

Probably the cheapest vinyl wrap option available, although one of the hardest for the wrappers to carry out, wing mirror wraps can add a fantastic level of finish to any car. Whether you rock a little hot hatch or an Aston Martin, you stick a wing mirror wrap in the mix and the car instantly looks better. Obviously the choice of material plays a part here, don’t just take our word for it and mess this up. Check out the contrast of the matte wing mirror wraps against the high gloss paint finish. It’s worth considering.

Matte partial wrap combinations

Matte wraps are one of the best to mix and match with different combinations, we have created some examples to see what works well. We also have professionals around the world ready to quote for other car customisation services that will suit your car wrap.

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Matte wrap care products

Explore matte wraps & vinyl wrapping

We talk about car wrapping a lot, we even talk specifically about matte wraps and we try to provide extensive resources to those interested in car customisation. Have a read around our posts and see what you can learn.

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