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Chrome is the ultimate statement in car customisation, an incredible finish for incredible vehicles

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Chrome wraps can be considered as the pinnacle fashion statement, seen on supercars the world over. These wraps are expensive due to material cost and the skill required by the wrappers to install a vinyl that is so difficult to work with.

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Chrome Vinyl Car Wrapping

It’s not hard to understand what a chrome wrap looks like, basically a mirror, but it can be hard to imagine what it may look like in different lighting environments or even on certain car types. Our 3D app allows you to explore the material in a little more detail, whilst trying out the various colour options that are also available in chrome vinyl.

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3D Customisation

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Chrome Full Wrap

Going full chrome is often the only real option when getting a chrome wrap. Wrapping partial areas of the car may not work and it is rare to see this done, although we will explore some options below. A full wrap in chrome is going to stand out from any crowd and depending on the vehicle it may for the right or wrong reasons. The cost of a chrome wrap is high. The vinyl is extremely hard to apply to any vehicle and the raw material costs are also at the top end of the whole industry, so expect to see big numbers with our calculator or quotes from your local wrappers.

Chrome Bonnet Wraps

Part wrapping and panel wraps are often associated with bright colours or dark colours, in gloss or matte finishes, but not usually seen in Chrome. The contrast on a bonnet wrap is going to be extreme, even on a gloss car. Combined with a wing mirror wrap or a roof wrap and it is likely to tie together better than just doing this on its own.

Chrome Roof Wrapping

The perfect style for a roof wrap is dark, either gloss or black works well, so a Chrome roof wrap is going against the grain for sure. The reflective nature of the material should direct sunlight and heat away from the car, in a similar way that black roofs do, but will the styling look right? The high gloss reflections actually seem to give a similar appearance to the gloss black roofs that are so popular, so on the right car, a chrome roof could really look the part.

Chrome Wing Mirror Vinyl Wrap

Stick chrome vinyl on to the wing mirrors of a black car, or better yet a matte black car, and you could be on to a styling winner. The bright reflections are going to contrast nicely with the rest of the bodywork, and oncoming traffic will even be able to see themselves as they pass by…

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It always helps to know what you are buying before you book anything and car wraps are no different. By knowing how the process works and what costs are involved, you can approach the quote process in a much better position that working in the dark.

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