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If you are bored of the colour of your car, or never really liked it in the first place, then there is a better option available to you than expensive paint jobs and buying a new car, colour change wraps. Get a completely new colour on your car in a matter of days, at an affordable cost and totally reversible.

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Colour Change Vinyl Car Wrapping

With an endless selection of vinyl films to choose from, simply choosing a colour you want to go to can be a tough task, let alone choosing a different material finish as well. We have a unique material viewer in real time 3D to help you visualise colours and materials before you request a quote through 3Dom Wraps.

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When changing the colour of you car, you should notify the DVLA of the changes.

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Full Colour Change Wrap

A complete colour change wrap is one of the best ways to customise a car. The options available are enormous and there are few limitations to hold back your own creativity and desires. You can go from white to black, bright yellow to bright red and no one will know what the original colour is. As part of a full colour change wrap, always consider having the vehicle shuts wrapped too. These are the areas inside of doors and bonnets that are the same colour as the original paintwork. A car wrap also comes with the added advantage that it protects your original car body paintwork and will look as good as the day the film was applied once it has been removed.

Colour Change Wing Mirror Vinyl Wrap

Changing the colour of your wing mirrors is now easy and affordable and doesn’t have to be for a styling choice. Should you need to replace a damaged wing mirror, a colour change wrap can be a great way of getting them to match the colour of your car. They are hard to wrap, so get the job done for a professional wrapper in your local area through 3Dom Wraps. As a styling choice, going for a contrasting colour on your mirrors compared to the rest of the bodywork, can be a great look on any vehicle.

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Colour Change Roof Wrapping

Changing the colour of your car roof is not something that would really be considered if it required a custom paint job, but with the advances in the car wrapping industry, this can be done quickly and affordably using amazing materials. Surprisingly roof wraps have a significant styling impact on almost any vehicle, even large 4×4’s. By going for a dark roof wrap, it can lower the look of the car, making it sleeker and visually streamlining it. A colour change wrap in brighter colours can work just as well, especially on neutrally coloured cars.

Colour Change Bonnet Wraps

Getting a colour change wrap on your bonnet can be an awesome styling change, visually lowering the front of a vehicle and giving it a completely different look. Body kits and additional exterior styling modifications for cars can be expensive, as can wrapping, but a bonnet wrap done right can be affordable with a high impact. Usually the most effective colour change wrap on a bonnet is dark, with black gloss, matte black and carbon all being used to great affect.

Colour change partial wrap combinations

Car wrapping only scrapes the surface of the car customisation market, so you are not limited to colour change wraps! Explore all the other services you get get through 3Dom Wraps and get professional quotes from your local service providers.

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Colour change wrap care products

Explore matte wraps & vinyl wrapping

Before you get a wrap it is a good idea to learn about the process and the materials and once you have a wrap, it makes sense to learn how to look after it. Our extensive blog resources are there to help wrap customers get the best out of their product.

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