Clear Paint Protection Wraps

These films, less protective than PPF, can provide protection to your paint and change the style using a satin finish

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Clear paint protection wraps can be used to both protect the paintwork but to also change the appearance of your existing paint and colour. This could be to change your car to a matte or satin finish, without changing it’s colour too.

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Clear Vinyl Car Wrapping

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Full Clear Wrap

Getting a full car wrap in a clear vinyl is the ideal way to protect your paintwork without having to change the look of the car. On the other hand, if you love the colour of your vehicle but you would prefer a satin or matte finish, a clear vinyl is the perfect option. Clear paint protection wraps come in various degrees of protection strength and quality, depending on the brand and manufacturer. PPF offers high levels of protection over normal vinyl films and the cost of paint protection films will be higher than clear vinyl wraps.

Clear Wing Mirror Vinyl Wrap

Your wing mirrors are constantly at risk of scratches and stone chips and using clear paint protection wraps can help prevent the majority of this damage. Clear wraps are often easier to apply that PPF products, with wing mirrors being one of the hardest parts of a car to wrap.

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Clear Roof Wrapping

A cars roof can be exposed to damaging elements on a daily basis like UV, stone chips, tree sap and even the usual bird excrement problem. Using clear wrap film can offer an affordable level of paint protection that won’t change the look of the car in any way. This can be an affordable way to protect you paintwork without investing in PPF products that can be costly to buy and have professionally installed.

Clear PPF Bonnet Wraps

Bonnet PPF protection is extremely popular, being in the most vulnerable area of the car. Getting a clear wrap on a bonnet makes sense to protect the paintwork without having to pay for expensive PPF products that will cost significantly more. Although the protection is not as high, there are other options that make it worthwhile, like changing to a matte or stain finish without changing the colour of the paintwork.

Clear paint protection partial wrap combinations

Clear paint protection film is a great way to help your car hold its value but it can also be a styling option when using different finishes to combine with your existing paintwork and colours. At 3Dom Wraps we offer a wide range of automotive aftermarket services through a network of qualified professionals worldwide.

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Clear wrap care products

Clear paint protection wraps & car vinyl wrapping

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