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Executive and sleek, satin vinyl is the perfect choice for high end cars & partial wrap styles

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Satin Vinyl Car Wrapping

Satin wraps are a stunning mix of Gloss & Matte finishes, giving an executive style for those who are looking for a smart car wrap option. The finish stands out from the average paint job and protects your paint at the same time. Try out satin wrap colours from different vinyl manufacturers below.

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Full Satin Wrap

A full satin wrap is a smarter version than the matte vinyls, with a slight sheen that really looks slick, especially on executive and high end vehicles. Black satin is the most popular route to take but there are many colour variants available from a wide range of brands. The satin style is also well suited to body panels and compliments gloss components and paintwork well.

Satin Wing Mirror Vinyl Wrap

Wing mirrors don’t need to be wrapped in bright and loud films to look great on your car, going for a subtle and smart finish with something like satin can really help the rest of the car pop. Satin is also not a massively popular option like matte and gloss are, so it also attracts more glancing looks as people notice it is something a bit different.

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Satin Roof Wrapping

A roof wrap in a contrasting satin film can really add something to your existing paintwork, simply choosing the right colour to suit what you already have, will be enough to transform a car. Light colours work well with dark and visa versa, with one of the most popular being a black satin roof wrap.

Satin Bonnet Wraps

A satin bonnet wrap is a great addition to most cars looking for a style change, reducing the glossiness across a large area and bringing some much needed protection to a vulnerable part of a car. Satin compliments both gloss and matte finishes, with a less intrusive style that matte films.

Satin partial wrap combinations

It’s well worth seeing how satin wraps can be used in combination with other finishes and colours, it is a firm favourite for partial car wraps due to the way it can compliment most styling decisions. There are many automotive aftermarket services available through 3Dom Wraps, so have an explore before getting quotes from professionals in your area.

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Satin wrap care products

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