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A smooth operator are we? Velvet vinyl pretty neat stuff, looking more like a soft fabric than a car body surface

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3D Customisation

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Full Velvet Wrap

If you are considering a full velvet wrap it is unlikely you will need much persuasion either for or against why you want it, but we like to try and explore the materials in more detail. Velvet is the ultimate statement, only really seen a handful of times on supercars around the streets of London and Dubai, but does it look any good? Well a full wrap is at least a completed style, the whole vehicle looks uniform and it is certainly going to be unique. Black, read and dark blue velvet wraps seem to be the main protagonists so far, only time will tell what else may be possible.

Velvet Wing Mirror Vinyl Wrap

Has anyone ever seen velvet wrapped wing mirrors? Maybe on a chrome Ferrari? It is definitely not something seen everyday on your average Audi a3 wrap.

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Velvet Roof Wrapping

And this, have you seen a velvet roof wrap? No neither have we, although this would work. Black velvet roof wrap on a white or high gloss finish wrap would come out very strong. Bold statement.

Velvet Bonnet Wraps

Bonnet wraps are popular and the bonnet on most cars is the largest surface area to work with. Using velvet vinyl here would be very noticeable and could be used to great effect when using highly contrasting colours and finishes, say black on white with the rest of the car chrome? I’d look at it…

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When changing the colour of you car, you should notify the DVLA of the changes.

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We talk about car wrapping a lot, we even talk about velvet wraps sometimes when looking at unique and special wraps that we see around the world. Be sure to take a look around our blog to see more.

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