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    Hi guys,

    I recently purchased a 2011 pre facelift Audi A7, which is wrapped with an Arlon satin film. It looks stunning but i have some issues that i do not know how to resolve.

    Firstly, the film has lifted and separated from the adhesive, which could be a big problem, is there any way to resolve or prevent this or is it a problem with Arlon films?

    Secondly, there is a scrape in the film on the rear bumper so i need it re-wrapped. Arlon are no longer selling film….so I am stuck without any material. Does anyone know if 3Dom Wraps may be able to help?

     3Dom Adam

    Hi Duude, thanks for your post, sounds like you have a bit of a job on your hands! We would be happy to ask around for you with our network of wrappers regarding the film. You can also have a look over our directory to see if you can find someone who may have it? I would also go to see a local wrapper to ask about the lifting film. best of luck with it, keep us updated on how you get on.



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