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    I had a short drive earlier today, around 20 minutes and was in no way pushing the car, yet after turning it off when i got back, the fans were still running and quite hard too. Is this normal behavior for an Audi? I only picked it up last week so I am unsure if I need be concerned that I have bought a dud…anyone else had this?


    Seriously? Not even going to mention the car? To be honest this sounds pretty normal for a diesel engine so I am guessing this is what you have?

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    Have noticed the same thing on our A7 a few weeks back, turns out this is normal behaviour for a diesel – https://georgetownvw.wordpress.com/2012/04/30/why-does-my-tdi-cooling-fan-run-after-shutting-the-engine-off/

    Heating up so much to burn off soot, I’m not surprised the fans need to stay on. Nothing to stress about


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