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Benefits of using the right vehicle logistics providers

When you entrust your pride and joy, investment or race car with a vehicle transport provider or professional, you want to be sure that it is in the best hands possible and that the costs involved suit your budget. Below we explore some of the advantages of using the right service providers for your vehicle logistics.

Covered Transportation

Most providers own fully enclosed and covered transporters to offer ultimate peace of mind and protection for their vehicle cargo. Enclosed transport makes moving of even the most delicate and valuable vehicles possible in the safest possible manner.

Collection & Delivery

Often your location is not an issue, with suppliers providing nationwide services for vehicle collection and drop off and in some cases international collection and drop offs are simple to carry out.

Fleet Reallocation

If you manage a fleet or require the relocation of a large number of vehicles, then working with the right company can provide you with the perfect bespoke solution with trained and insured staff, full vehicle transport insurance and the resources and know how to make a complex process as simple as possible.


Only work with logistics professionals who are fully insured to take control of and transport your vehicle. Any leading vehicle transport company will be happy to provide the details of their insurance and we only provide quotes from providers we know can carry out the best possible service.


Safety of your vehicle is paramount when considering its relocation and you will want assurances that it will arrive in the same condition that it left in. Covered and fully contained transporters are often the best solution to ensure the condition on arrival.


As technology moves forward so do the services on offer and vehicle logistics has not been left behind. With many providers it is possible to track the exact location on your vehicle while in transit, helping you to plan your own activities around its collection.


if your car is out on the road then it is as greater risk to damage or accidents that in many cases are completely unavoidable. By working with the right logistics solutions, you can be sure that the nearest your car gets to be being driven is when the handbrake is released in order to winch it aboard.

Rapid Response

If you need a quick turn around then you are likely to be in luck as most logistics companies we are involved with are able to provide emergency collection and drop off services if they have the capacity to do so.

Fleet Reallocation Vehicle Logistics

If you manage a fleet of vehicles then you will be aware of the complex logistics involved in moving vehicles and relocating them for staff and clients. Work with leading logistics and vehicle management services and benefit from their technology solutions and in-house support teams to ensure smooth service delivery and customer satisfaction. From the smallest to the largest fleet reallocation services you can find the right solution to suit your time-scale and budget.

Alloy painting
Powder coated alloys

Enclosed Car Transport

Protected from the elements and removing the risk of human error and accidents by having your car driven, enclosed car transport is the ideal way to go from A to B with something special. Working with the right company will make this a stress free and highly efficient experience for everyone involved, whilst keeping within budget restraints. Transporters are spacious enough to take most vehicles from 4x4s to race cars and classic vehicles, all safely stored away for their journey, near or far.

Commercial Vehicle Signwriting

Getting your corporate branding and sales pitch across your commercial vehicles is one of the most effective local marketing strategies you can have. Work with our network of skilled vehicle signwriters to find solutions for your company in your local area.

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Livery Design

Livery design and racewraps are a passion of ours and we work with leading professional car wrappers around the world to deliver high spec solutions for race teams and drivers. Explore what options are available to you for your next race livery project.

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Motorsport Vehicle Transport

Motorsport is not just fast paced on the track, it moves at speed off it too. With vehicles and parts needing to be transported nationwide and even across continents with tight deadlines to be ready for race day. Many motorsport logistics service providers that we work with are used to the pressures of the sport and put themselves in the mix with long distance, last minute and often over night trips to support the team. If you are looking to get your race vehicles to meets, track days or sponsor events, contact us to find the best in the business to help you.

Alloy wheel repair

Vehicle Shipping Logistics

Vehicle shipping seems like a complex and costly process so getting the right advice and support at the right time can significantly reduce the stress and worry involved in such process. Whether transporting by sea, land or air, we have shipping partners who can get your vehicle anywhere in the world at budgets to suit your requirements. Get in touch to speak with professionals shipping logistics experts.

Car Detailing Processes & DIY

Many of us are keen car care enthusiasts and as a result it makes sense to learn the best techniques for looking after our vehicles. We have many great articles on our blog to help anyone keep their car looking great all year round and ensure that they are using the most effective and safest techniques.

Still need to know more about transporting vehicles?

It’s likely you still have some questions about vehicle logistics, how it all works and what specific options are available to you, so we have answered some FAQs below. Each service provider will be different in the way they work, so we have covered more broad and general questions with more detail available once you have requested a quote.

In most cases detailers will work with their customers to get the ideal service for them depending on the condition of their car and their budget requirements. We have outlined the main 3 packages that detailers offer, which is by no means the only way of getting your car detailed.

Each professional service provider will have their own way of working that best suits them and their existing clients, so be sure to discuss your needs with them directly when requesting a quote through 3Dom Wraps.

It is always best to arrive with your vehicle already emptied so you can store your belongings in a safe place. This is simply because it will be easier to clean an empty vehicle and no detailer wants to have your precious belongings as their responsibility when they should be focusing on delivering the best possible service on your car itself. if in doubt, always speak with your service provider.

Car washes have bad reputations among car detailers and car enthusiasts and in many cases this is completely valid. We are not saying all car washes are unable to perform a safe car cleaning service, but many just do not carry out best practice, especially when it comes to cleaning your paintwork. If you are unable to afford a quality detailing service, it is best to research the car wash or mobile car wash at length before risking your valuable paintwork as the cost to repair, through a detailer, will by fair outweigh the cost of getting your car cleaned right the first time.

It really depends on the package you go for and the service you are looking to have carried out. Most detailers will offer a standard car cleaning service or maintenance clean, which will be far cheaper than such services as a Enhancement detail or Paint correction detail, but also far safer than a bog standard car wash you may find at your local supermarket. These will last longer than a normal clean due to the processes carried out and the products that are used.

For the more advanced packages, most will last 12 months and should be regularly looked after with a maintenance clean from your detailer.

Paint correction is really to restore your paintwork rather than to repair it. It is unlikely that deep scratches and paint chips are something that your detailer will deal with directly, although many will have trusted partners that can carry out such work for you prior to carrying out their own detailing services. Beware though that any paint repairs may mean a lengthy wait of a few weeks before a detailer can begin their usual tasks.

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