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All motorbikes deserve to be cared for in the highest possible way, from motorcycle detailing, bike wrapping and the application of paint protection films. Explore a range of major motorbike brands on 3Dom Wraps, join or communities, use our directory of skilled customisation specialists and buy PPF from our online store.

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Motorcycle Wrapping

Wrapping a motorbike is a fantastic way of customising it to suit the look and feel you want to have. This can improve the quality look of the bike, using vinyl film to not only change the colour but change the finish, such as carbon fibre, matte, satin or even chrome. Motorcycle customisation has become increasingly popular through vinyl wrapping.


Motorbike Paint Protection

Motorcycle paint protection kits are a big hit with 3Dom Wraps customers and are available for nearly every bike on our online store. Kits can also be applied by professional installation experts at locations around the company, which can be found on our automotive directory based on your location and motorbike PPF needs.

Motorbike Detailing

Motorcycle detailing is not just keeping your bike cleaning, it is keeping it in perfect condition and well protected, helping it hold it’s value through perfect paintwork and well conditioned metals, plastics and rubber. Detailers are highly skilled technicians with huge knowledge around how to care for your motorbike. You can find the best on our directory and get your bike to them for the ultimate detailing treatment.

Motorbike Decals & Stickers

Stickers and decals on motorbikes are extremely popular, especially when bringing some of the manufacturer race team styling to your own bikes. We work with some of the best car wrapping experts from around the world who all provide sticker application services.

Headlight Tinting

Headlight tinting is a definite styling decision, with little functionality impact other than slightly dimming your lights. It makes the front of the car look more aggressive and works great with dark coloured vehicles.

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Brake Light Tinting

Brake light tinting is similar to the headlight tinting, done in the same way by applying film to the inside of the light glass and brings a more aggressive feel to the car.

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Motorbike Blog

Have a read around our motorcycle blog to find exclusive hints and tips for detailing, PPF and wrapping along with reviews and bike write ups.

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