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Protecting motorcycles that are no longer in production is something that bikers around the world are committed to and with Buell motorcycles, this is no different. We have a collection of computer generated and computer cut PPF kits that will protect your paintwork and make these machines last the test of time.

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Over time the amount of Buell motorcycles on our roads is naturally going to decrease as manufacturing halted some years ago, making each bike more valuable to each owner who get the pleasure of owning one. Customising your motorcycle is a great way of making it unique to you, to bring your own style to it and to ultimately protect the bike for the future through the use of vinyl wrapping and paint protection films. At 3Dom Wraps we join together a community of owners and professional motorcycle service providers such as wrappers and detailers, enabling you to learn from the best and book your bike in for any customisations you desire.


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