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Buell X1 Lightning Paint Protection Film

Paint protection kit Buell X1 Lightning | 3Dom Wraps

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Motorcycle manufacturer Buell was founded by Erik Buell, an ex-engineer for Harley-Davidson who later went on to founder Erik Buell Racing in 2009. This decision was driven by Harley-Davidson’s decision to focus solely on their own line after investing in Buell in 2003 finally ceasing production of all Buell models in 2009. The fan favourite X1 Lightning was the successor to the still popular S1 Lightning and was even awarded Motorcycle of the Year in Japan.

Due to the X1 Lightning riding position your tank can take quite a bit of abuse from petrol nozzles, jacket zippers and keys for example which makes it really easy to pick up scratches and chips on your paintwork. As this can affect the resale value of your pride and joy it’s worth investing in something to protect it. That’s where the Xpel Ulitmate protection kit from expert manufacturers Xpel can help you to protect your paintwork every time you take a trip, or even during winter storage. Professionally cut from durable transparent urethane using specialist PC’s and manufacturer specific templates.

All paint protection kits Ulitmate have been made to fit all models of the X1 Lightning manufactured between the years between 1999-2002, available with a Gloss, Matte or Fixed finish to suit your style. The protective film is simple to apply by hand thanks to the included application kit which includes an instructions sheet, a diagram, a spray bottle and a handy squeegee.

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