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BMW R1200 ST Full Paint Protection Kit

Paint protection kit BMW R1200 ST | 3Dom Wraps

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The brilliant BMW Motorrad R1200ST was the touring version of the R1200S and first launched in 2006 to replace the formidable R1150RS. This sports focused motorcycle featured a lighter frame, clip on handle bars and more.

The popular R1200ST tourer can naturally handle most curve balls that you throw at it but it’s not going to avoid annoying loose stones forever and we all know that they result in costly paint chips, so protecting it is a must for retaining value. That’s where protective film can come in handy and Xpel Ulitmate offer the best you can buy. It will not just help your bike to retain its value but also keep it looking its best all season.The Xpel Ulitmate product line gives fantastic protection and can keep your paintwork guarded from everyday abrasions and minor paint chips. It will also offer protection during winter storage thanks to the hard wearing urethane film. Cut with precision using manufacturer templates for the perfect fit.

The complete paint protection pack for the BMW R1200ST helps to keep the below areas protected:

  • Headlights
  • Side Fairing
  • Nose Fairing
  • Knee Rub
  • Main Tank
  • Side Tank
  • Fender

Every Xpel Ulitmate kit for the BMW R1200ST has been made precisely for this model and will fit every bike manufactured between 2005-2009. To ensure every kit is easy to apply every paintwork protection kit comes with the official fitting kit which includes an instructions sheet, a diagram, a spray bottle and a squeegee.

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