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If you own a BMW Motorcycle, you want to keep it in great condition for years to come. Our collection of BMW Paint protection kits are available for a wide range of motorbike models, all computer generated and custom cut to order from the best materials on the market VentureShield and Xpel Ultimate films.

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BMW owners know their motorbikes and keeping them in the best condition and looking sharp at all times is something that many of you can relate to. 3Dom Wraps has built a community for BMW motorcycle owners to discuss key topics, find out technical information and learn more about the bikes they love. You can also find the best BMW customisation services in your area, order paint protection kits and read our extensive resources around BMW motorcycles.


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We don’t need any extra incentive to write about BMW motorcycles in our blog, take a look around for tips and guides on how to look after your bike with the best products and techniques available.

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