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Xpel is the market leading PPF and clear bra manufacturer and distributor in the world, with the best products available on the market in their Xpel Ultimate & Xpel Stealth products.

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Xpel Paint Protection

Protect car paint from the damage with self-healing paint protection film. Find approved local PPF & Clear Bra specialists near you

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Why install Xpel paint protection film on your vehicle?

Car paint protection, car PPF or car clear bra, many names but the same products from Xpel. Paint protection film is a premium product, created to protect expensive paintwork from stone chips, branch scratches, wear & tear and even the damaging effects of UV rays. Developed over many years by leading vinyl film manufacturers such as 3M, Xpel and Hexis, the PPF technology has progressed so far that films also self heal, meaning scratches received by the film will repair themselves, usually when exposed to sunlight or heat. Take a detailed look into Xpel paint protection film below before using our price calculator or requesting a quote from one of a leading PPF installers in your area.

Invisible protection

Invisible yet with incredible strength and protection for your car, paint protection film will not alter the appearance. The film is completely clear and features a clear coast finish, similar to that found on car paintwork.

Self healing technology

Self healing PPF products are widely available from the leading film manufacturers and allow the vinyl to heal having received scratches that were heading for your paintwork.

Protect your investment

Cars are expensive and we invest a lot of our hard earned cash into them on a weekly basis in one form or another. Helping to retain the value of the car through car and attention is well worth it in the long run and PPF is the perfect way to protect against expensive damage.

Stone chip protection

Stone chip paint damage is one of the most infuriating things to happen to our cars, unable to be polished out easily and an expensive paint repair bill. Car paint protection film is extremely tough and can repel stones and prevent the costly damage.

Change the style of your car

A new car paint protection film is ‘Stealth’ bringing PPF to matte finish cars and allowing for a complete styling transformation by being applied to gloss paintwork and leaving a matte finish. It is an exciting addition to the market.

Clear coat, a paint like finish

Car clear bra & PPF products can be treated just like paintwork, coming with a clear coat finish to the surface of the film. Car detailing techniques like shampooing and waxing will only improve the look of the film and bring a high gloss finish, just as it would to you paint.

Protection against contaminants

Contaminants are not just scary sounding acids or chemicals, they are as simple as bird droppings, tree sap and road salt, all eating away at our paintwork and leaving lasting expensive damage. PPF is developed to withstand these paint contaminants.

Long Warranties

There are various warranties involved when it comes to PPF. Many manufacturers provide long warranties to their installation experts, who then pass this on to their customers based on the confidence in both the material and the installation technique.

Car Paint Protection Resources

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