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The paint on your car is one of the most important aspects when we think of the style and quality of a vehicle. A poor paint job reduces the value in a car and reduces its appeal, whether that is a supercar or an everyday vehicle. In order to protect the paint from the various sources of damage, there are a few professional services to consider using.

Paint Protection film is the most cost effective method available on the public market. It can’t be seen by the naked eye once installed on the car, with all joins and edges seamlessly blended against one another and the vehicles body panels. The surface underneath the film is kept in factory fresh condition, so when it comes to the time for a new car, you can remove the paint protection kit and sell your existing car with perfect paintwork.

Paint protection comes as a clear film, from a range of manufacturer, and protects the paint surface from a range of damage sources including:

  • Tree and bush scratches
  • Stone chip protection
  • Weathering and the elements
  • Birds, bugs and minor debris

The films can all be polished and cared for to keep the paint work looking in top condition whilst being protected. In all cases, the paintwork will go through some detailing correction and polishing to ensure that the surface is not only prepared to accept the bond of the PPF but also to make sure there are no marks or scratches encased beneath the film.

In paint protection, it is essential to use a qualified installer of the film that is being used. This will mean the installer has been trained by the film manufacturer and ensures the correct procedures are being utilised and that the film will last the life of it's warranty.

You can help your car hold its value by using paint protection film from major manufacturers.


We have partnered up with the country’s top Paint Protection service provider in Race By Design. Having provided a clinical service in the region for many years, you can rely upon Race by Design to give you a clinical and extremely well balanced output in design. This makes it easier than ever before to get a long-term solution to irritating paint damage once and for all. Interested? See below for more details.

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Paint Protection film can protect a range of vehicles and painted surfaces.

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Paint Protection

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