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Arlon wrapping film is perfect for vehicle wraps and part wrapping,with some of the best colours available, especially bright and bold variations. A highly conformable vinyl that utilises X-Scape Technology.

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Arlon Automotive Films

Car wrapping is all about customising your vehicle to a style that better suits you and who you are, so choosing the right vinyl materials can be key to get the right look. Arlon features bright colours, often no found in other ranges and this has become their USP.

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Arlon Automotive Vinyl - Colour Change Wraps

As a leading colour change vinyl manufacturer, Arlon wrapping films should be seen to be fully appreciated. Use our unique real time 3D wrap simulator to see how they look in different situations.

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Arlon Performance Plus

The Arlon Performance Plus range of automotive films are some of the most popular in the colour change wrapping industry, mainly due to ease of application for the wrappers and colour choices for the customers. The materials in the range are of high quality and compete well with the larger manufacturers such as 3M and Avery.

Green Gloss Wrap Audi S5
orange gloss black roof wrap audi s5

3M Gloss Vinyl

Gloss wraps are probably the best use of Arlon products, simply due to the range of exciting colours that simply inspire creativity for car customisation. Wrappers love the Arlon products too with a massive network of Arlon wrappers worldwide, also available in our car wrapping directory.

Arlon Matte Vinyl

You won’t find many better matte vinyl colours available than those made by Arlon. From matte red film to what can only be described as the bright ‘toxic green’ its a collection that car modders love or need to see if they haven’t yet.

Matte red mercedes gloss black roof wraps

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Car Wrap Examples
gloss black bmw nardo grey wing mirror wraps

Arlon Carbon Fibre Film

Do Arlon have carbon fibre vinyl? They certainly do, and this being Arlon, they have it in Red and Green too, you won’t see many other manufacturers with these products. Red carbon fibre wraps are pretty rare, as are green, but their white and black colours are more popular and add some stunning finishes to any vehicle.

Arlon Satin Vinyl

Surprisingly, the Arlon satin wraps are only available in more neutral colours of black and white, but that doesn’t mean they are boring. Some special finishes to their satin products make these fantastic options for anyone wanting a satin vinyl finish.

Matte red mercedes gloss black roof wraps

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With a range of wrap films like this, it is hard for us to not love talking about Arlon and the products they have. With a growing network of approved installers around the world, we often discuss what is happening with these films in our blog.

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