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Advertising agencies around the world are using vehicles to promote brands, with printed vinyl wraps used to push what is possible in vehicle styling. Any graphic can be printed on the vinyl and it has been used to great effect by car customisers looking to break the boundaries. If you have an idea, get a quote from skilled professionals in your area.

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Printed Vinyl Car Wrapping

Getting a feel for how your vehicle will look with an exciting wrap that has been printed with your craziest ideas is not easy. We have developed a 3D application that allows you to visualise printed wraps from our collection.

Anywhere in the world, 3Dom Wraps will find you the best suppliers and best prices for car wrapping and automotive aftermarket services.

3D Customisation

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Full Print Wrap

A full wrap using printed vinyl is a special way of creating something completely unique. We have included some of the best examples ever seen on this page to get your creativity going before you look for a price and quotation with our network. Working with the best wrap shop can be the key when it comes to printed wraps with the artwork essential and the setup of the files and print the difference between world class perfection and mediocre. The best thing is, anything you can imagine, can be achieved using the right artist and skilled wrap professional.

Printed Wing Mirror Vinyl Wrap

Flat colour vinyl is the most popular type of finish for wing mirror wraps, maybe chrome or carbon to really make a car pop, but printed wing mirror wraps can bring something different to any vehicle. Imagine what you could have? Stripes? Dots? A sunset photo? get creative and it will be possible.

Printed Roof Wrapping

Usually a printed roof wrap would accompany other body panels or come as part of a full wrap but that doesn’t mean they do not exist or that they cannot add something stylish to your vehicle. The most popular example is the union jack flag roof wrap seen on the likes of the mini and the Range Rover Evoque. This may not suit everyone but as with all printed wrapping, the only limitation is your own imagination.

Printed Bonnet Wraps

The bonnet of any vehicle can be a marketers dream when it comes to signwriting. The large surface area is ideal for corporate branding, with plenty of additional space for styling to carry through into the rest of the bodywork. Not only is it a large space but it is the most seen part of any car or van, seen from both oncoming cars and those in front in the rear view mirror. Printed bonnet wraps can feature more details, logos, graphics and be as creative as anyone could possibly need.

Printed wraps & vinyl materials

When it comes to vinyl wrapping it is printed wraps that generate some of the biggest buzz, with styles from films or famous brands applied to roughed up or rusty styling – but there thousands of examples. We love exploring what has been achieved by the best, be sure to check out our blog for loads of articles and examples.

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