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An ultimate statement, a wrap in one of these films will make your car stand out at all times

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fluorescent wraps, a car modders dream

Luminous and brilliantly bright, fluorescent wraps are for the serious tuner, with multiple choices for combining bright colours, your car can truly stand out and gets everyone’s heads turning. Sunglasses required.

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fluorescent Vinyl Car Wrapping

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to picture how a vinyl wrap material will look from a static image, so we ave developed a 3D visualiser to get closer to the vinyl films available on the market. When it comes to flourescent colours, it makes sense to really take a close look.

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fluorescent Full Wrap

Often used in motorsports as the colour really does pop, fluorescent vinyl is not in fact reflective, but appears bright in daytime and gives of a soft glow under night-time artificial lighting. Completely changing the colour of your car with flourescent wraps is quite a bold statement and one that would usually be associated with a hardcore tuner and modder as opposed to the old lady at number 24. Just because it is bold doesn’t mean it isn’t right, these wraps can look incredible on the right cars and in the right colours. fluorescent films don’t have the widest range of colour choices available, often green/yellow is simply enough…

fluorescent Wing Mirror Vinyl Wrap

Wing mirrors are perfectly suited to flourescent wraps, adding incredible colour to pop out from your existing paintwork. It is a style trend to have your mirrors in contrasting colours or material finishes and for those who like to stand out, flourescent wraps are the answer. The wrap material itself will protect the mirrors paintwork against minor abrasions in a very vulnerable area of any vehicle.

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fluorescent Roof Wrapping

Roof wraps are so commonly done in dark materials that it is hard to think of how a flourescent roof wrap may compliment the style of a car. The bright nature of the vinyl material would essentially have the opposite effect of black and carbon fibre wraps, which lower and streamline the appearance of a vehicle.

fluorescent Bonnet Wraps

Many vehicle modifications now include bonnet wraps, using blocks of solid colour to break up the main colour of the car. fluorescent bonnet wraps are quite rare to see on the road, due to the fact it is difficult for it to compliment most colours. When done on dark cars, predominantly black, it can be striking and make the front of the car look completely different.

fluorescent partial wrap combinations

fluorescent wraps are an outrageous and awesome option for a car wrap, making partial wraps harder to accommodate but when done right you will have a fantastic result. Take a look through the other services available through 3Dom Wraps and get quotes from professionals in your area.

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fluorescent wrap care products

Find out more about car wraps & flourescent wraps

Understanding exactly what a car wrap is and how it works is fairly important for anyone wanting to get one done on their vehicle. This will ensure you get the best work carried out that will last many years, protect your existing paintwork and cost the right price for the level of quality and service you will receive. Our blog helps to educate wrap customers prior to purchasing a vehicle wrap.

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