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Gloss wraps, completely change your car colour

High gloss wraps offer motoring enthusiasts an alternative to high gloss and shiny paint, saving money in labour costs and never damaging the cars original paintwork, in fact protecting it from the elements that usually deteriorate a cars bodywork such as water, salt, tar and oil. One of the more common choices is a gloss white or gloss black vinyl car wrap.

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Gloss Vinyl Car Wrapping

There are more gloss wrap colour options than any other film material styles on the market, so being able to explore what is available and from what brands, is an important part of choosing your car wrap.

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When changing the colour of you car, you should notify the DVLA of the changes.

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Full Wrap

Gloss wraps simply give you the opportunity to change the colour of your car, over the course of 2-3 days, protect the paintwork below and be completely reversible. With colour ranges so vast there is no need to consider a paint respray anymore when you are bored of the colour of your car. The majority of car wrapping projects are done using gloss wraps, to give the finish of a new paint job but in a new, fresh colour to suit the car and personality of its owner.

Gloss Wing Mirror Vinyl Wrap

Using gloss wraps on your wing mirrors allows you to literally just change the colour of the mirrors and add a complimentary new style alongside the existing paintwork of the car. Wing mirrors are quick and affordable to wrap, although it is a difficult and skilled process that should be carried out by a local wrap professional.

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Gloss Roof Wrapping

Gloss wraps on a car roof are quickly becoming the most popular wrap customisation. Gloss black roof wraps are the favourite choice, particularly on high powered performance and executive cars. The reason for this is the black visually lowers the car and gives a stunning new style when applied to a car with a contrasting base colour, be that white or silver, or even other dark colours like grey or red, the black always looks amazing.

Gloss Bonnet Wraps

A very simple styling change on a car can be to wrap the bonnet in a contrasting colour to the rest of the car. This breaks up the solid colour of the vehicle, while using darker tones can visually alter the look of the car by lowering the front end and giving a more aggressive style. There are certain types of vehicles where gloss wraps on the bonnet look better and they are becoming popular on modern transporters and vans.

Gloss partial wrap combinations

Gloss vinyl is such a great way customise individual parts of your car without painting. We have combined different colours and body parts to see what styles look the best. There are many other services we can use to take the styling even further, explore 3Dom Wraps and get quotes from our network of professionals in your area.

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Gloss wrap care products

Gloss car wrapping & car customisation blog

There are only small differences in the way you care for your paintwork to how you care for a car wrap, with modern vinyl materials manufactured to look and perform like a quality paint job. Learn more about the wrap process and materials in our extensive blog.

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