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Cobra Misano Anniversary Reclining Office Sport Seat




  Please be aware that colour options are only applicable to ‘Two colour’ options. Selecting colours outside of these options will be ignored for the order. The Cobra Misano Anniversary office chair is simply stunning. This has to be considered as the highest level of office desk chair, especially for the automotive industry or motoring enthusiast. The uniqueness of the design lies in the combination of a steel alloy reclining seat base coupled with a composite reinforced backrest, in essence a hybrid of the most advanced motorsport and road seats available today. The coupling of these two parts challenged engineering preconceptions and the solution was found in sourcing the world’s finest dual sided infinite recline mechanism with tilt forward memory function and then fusing them to highly polished stainless steel chassis plates each side of the structure. You will effectively be sat in one of the worlds best driving seats, whilst you work.  


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